Did Andy Blossom advise you to screen him?

On 22nd May, you guaranteed that Petersen “had an excessive number of plans”. What were they? How could they explicitly influence the exhibition of the Britain group? During that meeting, with Jonathan Agnew, you expressed that you “conversed with each individual in the supervisory crew and many senior players, and I was unable to find one ally who believed Kevin should remain in the side”. For what reason did you get some information about Petersen? Did you get some information about some other players? How could you word the inquiry? What number of senior players, precisely, did you address? For what reason did you address a few players, and not others?

Did you just ask the ones you trusted would agree that what you needed to hear?

As there was apparently no help for Petersen inside the supervisory crew, for what reason did Ashley Giles say, on fifteenth January, that “there was no conversation about leaving Kevin out [of the World T20]? He’s one more million pound resource, in any event. He may merit somewhat more than that”. Furthermore, why, on 22nd January did David Saker say this: “[Petersen’s] a phenomenal player and has done a few extraordinary things however we went through a few difficult stretches in the Test series and things emerge from that and individuals need to make up stories and see things that probably won’t be there.

The connection between Kevin Petersen and Andy Bloom hasn’t changed from where I’m sitting and curtain’s being accounted for and what is out there is not even close to reality. “What do you think about the steady comments made about Petersen by Graeme Swann, Chris Tremlett, Stuart Expansive, Michael Carberry, Monty Panesar, Ian Chime, and Ben Stirs up, Jonny Bairstow, Joe Root, and Eoin Morgan? Did there truly exist a four page dossier on Petersen, which definite fifty claimed offenses? Provided that this is true, for what reason was it gathered, who aggregated it, and who told the press it existed? If not, how did the talk arise?

Before the Moores question and answer session you had not spoken openly

However senior member Wilson in the Mirror said you had “been very agreeable in the background”. For what reason would you say you were conversing with cricket columnists in private, however not to cricket supporters in broad daylight? For what reason did the ECB accumulate the “an expected level of investment” specialists’ record, which was spilled on seventh October? Who gathered the material? Who spilled it? What steps did you take to examine the way things were spilled?

That report recorded, as a supposed crime of Pietersen’s that he had gone out drinking in Adelaide before the subsequent test. The fact that evening by Stuart Wide makes him joined. Have you likewise incorporated a dossier on Stuart Wide, and does it contain a comparative prosecution for that episode? It likewise makes reference to a “horrendous shot” by Petersen, which prompted one of his excusals at Melbourne. What was your take of this stroke? Do you suppose Matt Earlier and Alastair Cook acted accurately in telling Andy Bloom the thing Petersen had said about him in the confidential Melbourne group meeting?






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